With a distinct aroma and irresistible flavor, it has commanded the attention of the world. The coffee trade is immense, second only to that of oil in its value. The history of coffee is filled with stories of those who sought to control that trade, who exacted high tariffs on coffee roasters and those who found ways to circumvent those controls.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Caffè macchiato

A caffè latte is coffee with a reasonable amount of milk. A stronger version is the caffè macchiato, basically an espresso with a dash of milk; macchiato means flecked. A caffè macchiato is identical to an espresso macchiato, but should not be confused with a latte macchiato.

A latte macchiato is steamed milk ‘marked’ with espresso, as its Italian name suggests, whereas a caffè macchiato is an espresso ’marked’ with spoonful of milk foam.
An authentic latte macchiato is a traditional Italian breakfast drink made with one 45 ml shot of espresso poured into a cup with 240 ml steamed milk; no froth or foam.

The stirring of the caffè macchiato, creating a moussey mixture of milk and crema, and the subsequent licking of the spoon constitute one of the great morning rituals in the Italian espresso bar experience.
Caffè macchiato
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