With a distinct aroma and irresistible flavor, it has commanded the attention of the world. The coffee trade is immense, second only to that of oil in its value. The history of coffee is filled with stories of those who sought to control that trade, who exacted high tariffs on coffee roasters and those who found ways to circumvent those controls.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Italian coffee drink of cappuccino

The Italian term cappuccino means capuchin. The color of the coffee reminded Italians of the brown robes with pointed hoods worn by one of the Roman Catholic orders of monks, namely Capuchins.

It is said the first cappuccino coffee served had little peaks of milky foam that looked like the pointed hoods. Cappuccino is the strong coffee is covered with a layer of hot frothy milk topped with a dash of chocolate powder, ‘caffelatte’ (milk coffee), usually half coffee and half milk in a large cup or glass.

Sometimes sweetened cinnamon, cocoa, or vanilla powder is sprinkled over the foamed milk.

In Italy, cappuccino is made by forcing steam through milk or cream to produce a creamy topping, but in North America, it is often served simply with whipped cream on top. In coffee bars of the 1950s, cappuccino was known as ‘frothy coffee’.
Italian coffee drink of cappuccino
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